UniRate - A better drop-in solution for rating mobile apps


What is UniRate

UniRate is a Unity package to help you promote you mobile games by prompting users to rate the app after using it for a few days or times. Integrating UniRate to your project is deadly simple as a drag & drop, but it is powerful and configurable for some advanced usage. It will count the using of the times and days automatically and if the conditions you set are met, a native prompt will pop up and user can decide whether rate it or not.

This approach is one of the best ways to get positive app reviews by targeting only regular users (who presumably like the game or they wouldn't keep playing it).

You can purchase UniRate from either our digital store or Unity Asset Store and use it in all your projects with the purchase Unity ID. You can get full support from either store, but the update version will be a little faster in our digital store, because there is a review progress in Asset Store.

Please refer to the online manual to get started with UniRate.

UniRate is brought to you by @onevcat . Copyright and All Rights Reserved by OneV's Den 2013.